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Document Metadata Logo Document Metadata for Confluence Cloud

Simple, easy to use, and integrated Document Metadata solution:
  • Direct integration with Confluence logo
  • Display Metadata within a page, such that it can be exported to PDF or printed.
  • View the Document Metadata of pages within a Confluence space, at a glance.
  • View, print and export the Content Status of pages.
  • Use the the built-in Confluence Page Properties macro to aggregate Document Metadata
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Free trial, direct install from the Atlassian marketplace: Document Metadata LogoDocument Metadata for Confluence Cloud
  • Active development, check the Changelog.
Document Metadata in the Atlassian Marketplace

Document Metadata for Confluence Cloud

Document Metadata in the Atlassian Marketplace


Document Metadata Logo Add Metadata to Pages

Add Metadata at any place in your documents.

Use Metadata in Page Properties.

Choose among:

  • Page author and owner
  • Page title and edit date
  • Space information
  • QR code with page link

Selecting which metadata to insert.
The page properties report macro showing Document Metadata.

Document Metadata Logo Use the Page Properties Macro to aggregate Metadata

Allow reporting based on Metadata.

Effective document status overview.

Document Metadata Logo Add printable QR codes to pages

Link printed pages to your Confluence knowledge base. You can even build a simple asset management system based on the QR codes.

QR code linking to document in Confluence Cloud.

Document Metadata Logo Document Metadata use cases

Simple, effective software for complex problems.