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Document Control Howto

Revision: 2021-06-03

How to sign a document

Signing a document

Signing a page

From the page menu, click "Add Signature":

Opening the Add Signature dialog.

Fill out the form and click Submit to sign the page.

If the Authentication setting is enabled, the user is required to enter their email and a secure token, and both must match the presently logged in Confluence user.

A user needs to generate a secure token once by using the Atlassian provided secure token management page. The token is unique to each user, and can be revoked on demand. If the email and the secure token do not match, the email and token fields are highlighted in red to indicate a problem:

Signing a page.

How to add a reviewer

Add a reviewer

Assigning reviewers

There are two ways to add reviewers to a page:

1. Click the Document Control byline on the page (the link under the page title)
2. From the page menu (the three-dot icon with links to Move, Copy, Delete, etc.), click "Manage Reviewers".

Once the "Manage Reviewers" dialog is open, you can add a reviewer to a page by searching by name.

Adding a reviewer.Adding a reviewer.

You can also use this dialog to remove a reviewer by clicking the small "x" next to each reviewer's name.

If you have the Email notification setting enabled, the new reviewer will receive an email inviting them to review the page:

Email notification for new reviewer.

The page's document control status will change to Needs Review until all reviewers have added a signature to the page.

Document control status

All pages set up for document control will have one of three statuses:

  1. Not reviewed - No reviewers have been added to this page.
  2. Needs review - One or more reviewers have been added to this page, but not all reviewers have signed the most recent version of the page.
  3. Reviewed - All reviewers have signed the most recent version of the page.

The document control status is reflected in the byline (the link under the page title) of each page. It's also reflected in the Document Control macro. For example, in the following screenshot, Jason Wright and Lucille Bluth have been assigned as reviewers, but only Lucille Bluth has signed:

Page that needs review.

Once Jason Wright signs the page, the page looks like this:

Page that has been fully reviewed.

If the page is edited, all reviewers will need to sign the page again to maintain the "Reviewed" status; see Page versioning for more details.

Complete Documentation

The complete documentation for Document Control is available at Complete Documentation

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